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Healing Cannabis Seeds since 1993

LA BONANZA MARIMBERA, Santa Marta, Colombia

The name Marimberos is inspired by the Colombian cannabis heyday of the late 70's and early 80's, a time that came to be known as the "Bonanza Marimbera".

The cannabis produced at that time was recognised for its quality throughout the world, and anyone who worked on the process, day labourers, planters, shopkeepers, pilots, and smugglers who supplied the product, were proud to call themselves "Marimberos."

To this day, with a cannabis that recovers its rightful place, a new generation of Marimberos is revolutionising the way this medicine grows, is transformed and is dispensed all over the world.

The trip begins here and we want to celebrate with you this second "Bonanza Marimbera" Come join us, Marimbero!