EL DORADO - Feminized cannabis seeds

  • Effect
  • Flavour
    Lemon candy
  • Flowering
    68-70 Days
  • Height
  • Indoor
    The tallest
  • Nose
    Lemon Liquor
  • Outdoor
    Sun Lover
  • Palliative
    Bad times
  • Preference
    Up to the roof
  • Sativa / Indica
    40% / 60%
3 seeds
5 seeds
10 seeds

EL DORADO, Guatavita 2009

In the year 1534, an indigenous prisoner of the Conquistadores of America recounted that in his battles with The Muiscas (a tribe of the Colombian altiplano), his king used to cover himself with gold powder to offer it to his gods.

This story (probably confessed by him to save his own life) nourished for centuries the legend of El Dorado.

Colombia is our cradle and, as a tribute to our culture, we decided to create this "Origin”, taking as mother one of the most valuable jewels of our botany. The Colombian Golden, undoubtedly one of the most exotic sativas and almost omnipresent in this variety, has been crossed using as father a rare Indica genotype of Southasian Fantasy of very peculiar characteristics, reason for its enhancement in many of its original virtues.

Discover the legend!