KOGUI OG - Feminized cannabis seeds

  • Effect
    Physical relief
  • Flavour
    OG / Papaya
  • Flowering
    63-65 Days
  • Height
  • Indoor
    Happy harvest
  • Nose
    Gas / Jungle
  • Outdoor
    Gets heavy
  • Palliative
    Libido up
  • Preference
    Will be proud
  • Sativa / Indica
    30% / 70%
3 seeds
5 seeds
10 seeds

KOGUI WISDOM, Sierra Nevada 2009

The "Mamo" is the central character within the representation system of the Indigenous Kogui, the intermediary between the celestial forces and men. His wisdom and knowledge allow the balance between forces.

The Kogui claim that the planet could be nearing its end, as the "Younger brothers" (that's how they call us) are not interested in protecting nature.

Fewer than 10,000 Kogui indigenous still survive, but we wish their ancestral wisdom and legacy not to be lost. They are The True Healers of the Planet and guardians of our well-being.

The Kogui OG is our first "Origin" and pays tribute to our "Older brothers". Its Florida OG (Before the Hype) lineage and our Colombian Special Selection, make it something very special. They deserve no less.

Thank you for taking care of us.