PIKO KUSH - Feminized cannabis seeds

  • Effect
  • Flavour
    Grape / Gas
  • Flowering
    58-60 Days
  • Height
  • Indoor
    Heavy / Dense
  • Nose
  • Outdoor
  • Palliative
  • Preference
    Mold resistant
  • Sativa / Indica
    20% / 80%
3 seeds
5 seeds
10 seeds

PIKO KUSH, Medellín 2009

This particular genetics is an homage to my father. His nickname "Picotazo", was due to his great fondness for cockfights. A passionate of the coop, he'd left everything if there was a good fight. In fact he was one of the pioneer breeders of these sand gladiators in our country.

Friend of his friends and the best dad in the world, from him, I learned almost everything I know, and above all the passion he felt for his work.

Piko Kush, his most deserved tribute, was created in 2009 using Blue Moonshine (DJ Short) as his mother and a Chem x OG as his father.

This powerful Super Indica taste of grapes and gives off a characteristic gasoline scent. Its peach smell gives it a fruity touch characteristic of its Caribbean lineage.

Cultivate it and feel its Picotazo!