MACUMBA - Feminized cannabis seeds

  • Effect
  • Flavour
    Ripe fruit
  • Flowering
    65-67 Days
  • Height
  • Indoor
    Best on soil
  • Nose
    Guava jelly
  • Outdoor
    Tie well
  • Palliative
  • Preference
    Give space
  • Sativa / Indica
    40% / 60%
3 seeds
5 seeds
10 seeds

MACUMBA, Amoreiras 2012

From the middle of the sixteenth century, the transfer of slaves to Brazil from many African tribes, brought with it the integration of part of their culture, their beliefs and the rites they practiced.

The Brazilians denominate Macumba, or black magic, any religious practice of African origin. Its celebrations, full of mysticism, dance and music, bring a very special flavour to the enormous appeal of this country.

In our tribute to Brazil we have used as a mother a hybrid of Blue Velvet with Sweet Tooth, and as father the crossing of two genetics of Brazilian origin: Manga Rosa and Cabeça de Preto.

The result has been a unique plant, highly motivational and with a clear ripe fruit flavour reminiscent of guava jelly.

Its sativa phenotypes help to combat any state of laziness.

Flavour, music and dance!