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MAO HAZE, Medellín 2011

I was a child and discovering that a quiet, relaxed man like my older brother smoked his own cannabis plants, provoked a great curiosity in me.

One could say that it was Mao who aroused the interest and love I have for this plant and to which I probably owe what today is my great passion and my present way of life.

Created in 2011, Mao Haze, is my tribute and way of making a legend. Using a crossbreeding between two varieties of the Old School Haze (Old Timer and Neville) as mother and a sativa phenotype of the Shiskaberry as father, we obtained this "Super Sativa" of great rarity and very special characteristics. Psychedelic, motivational and very active, its pleasant smell of incense and lemon make it something unique.

For you, my torombolo!

Five Feminized Seeds
Holy Lemon
Huge Plant
70-72 Days
40% Sativa / 60% Indica

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