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MILANUSHKA, Amsterdam 1999

It was the year I met Mila Jansen. Little did I imagine that the inventor of the Pollinator would eventually become my mother and mentor in the psychedelic world. From her hand I have known the entheogenic fruits and all the hashish tradition.

She introduced me to new books and characters who have been pioneers.

Milanushka (Mila's recipe) is a tribute to this exemplary woman. Ahead of her time and bearer of experiences, trips and knowledge, her influence in Marimberos has been fundamental.

From the crossing of authentic landraces donated by Mila, Kazakhstan x Bangladesh as mother and the infamous Nicole as father, you get this unique Super Indica, with exotic fruity touches and deep liquorice flavour.

Definitely a strain as special as her. Thank you Mila, thank you very much.

Five Feminized Seeds
Exotic / Fruity
Hash Factory
58-60 Days
Hash Bash
Resine Balls
15% / 85%

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