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NICOLE KUSH, Medellín 2003

After ten years of traveling, learning, cultivating and exchanging genetics around the world, it was time to start Marimberos Breeding Program.

Having in my hand my old collection and all these new phenotypes and knowledge in a single environment, allowed me to fulfil my goal of publicising the benefits of this plant and help their definitive understanding.

"Connections" is a tribute to all breeders and people who, over many years and through their love for this plant, have contributed, with science and botany, to the evolution of this industry for the sake of the well-being of our planet. Nicole Kush is the first "Connection" fruit of the collaboration with our friends Don & Aaron (DNA Genetics).

Enjoy it!

Five Feminized Seeds
Berry Yoghurt
Red Grapes
Watch the Rain
60-62 Days
Bad Sleep
A Must Have
Dense Flowers
25% Sativa / 75% Indica

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